Elizabeth Hunter

Age: 25
Hometown:  New York, NY
Singing: Seal It With A Kiss
Song By: Original

Who would you say has inspired you Most?

There so many musical idols I have and could name, but I'd have to say my parents.  They are both intelligent, determined, hardworking people.  They loved their jobs and wake up every day ready to get good work done.  I admire them.  They lead by example and push me to work harder.  And I have to say, they are very supportive of my perhaps less-than-sensible choice to pursue music.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?   

My favorite beer just followed me on Twitter :)  No, I get the most joy from new fans coming over to me after a show and telling me how one of my songs really spoke to them.  Maybe it's something they, or a friend of theirs is going through...maybe it's a feeling they've had but hadn't put their finger on .  It's nice to see people dancing and having a good time, too. :)

What's the most fun thing you have ever done ?

I played with Steve Holley (the drummer from Wings). Hearing him play my music was a serious rush. 

How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy baking and scrapbooking my trips/tours. I also love getting to explore the places I visit - finding coffee or antique shops.  Recently in Amsterdam, I found both in one shop!