ERNIE ANASTOS is a true New York television news legend. They say if you make it in New York, you have to be pretty good. But, if you make it in New York for more than 20 years, you have to be amazing!

As the lead anchor at Fox 5, CBS 2 and ABC 7, Ernie has won more than 30 Emmy Awards and nominations for covering the major stories in New York City.  He is the first New York anchor to receive the prestigious Lifetime Emmy Award for his "outstanding contributions to television".

His love of young people includes hosting entertainment shows and school specials called “Positively Ernie” on Fox TV.  He is also the author of two celebrated books focusing on children and America’s youth.

Ernie Anastos is recognized as a champion of "more positive news" and a strong voice in the changing world of media.  He's also reshaping the way we watch the evening news.  He has created and launched an exciting “6 O’Clock Program” that features a wide range of positive stories that include: lifestyle, education, health and wellness, social issues, relationships and more. 

As the host of NEW YORK'S "STAR OF THE DAY", Ernie continues to bring that high level of integrity and entertainment experience to each and every show.