Amalia Watty


Age: 22
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
Singing: Make You Feel My Love
Song By: Adele

How would you describe your music style?

A mix between Sade, Al Green and Island influences.

How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn't know you? 

I'm a Soul Sista, born and raised in the Caribbean.  My music is raw - tons of live instrumentals and lots of good vibes.  I sing and write about HOPE. 

what do you like most about new York?

New Rochelle reminds me of home. It's super chilled and laid back.  And sometimes it's nice coming home to an actual backyard, peace and quiet after being in the city.

why do you deserve to be the next "Star of the Day? 

I've worked hard to get this far.  Leaving my family back home and choosing to be here was a big decision. Loosing my job and having to sing on the train, and taking on a few more part-time jobs, is a sacrifice I had to make for myself. Music is my passion.  I want to be here.