Kevin Brodie

Age: 21
Hometown:  Clark, NJ
Singing: Uptown Funk
Song By: Bruno Mars

How did you get interested in music?

Was stuck trying to decide whether to try out for the basketball team or do the school play.  I did the play. Haha!

What kind of music do you enjoy best?

Mostly Pop/Rock - staying modern. Michael Jackson is a huge role model of mine.  He was a perfectionist in everything he did.  All his music is great.

Who would you say has most inspired you? 

Not to sound conceded, but myself.  In this industry there are many times where it comes down to what matters to you - and nobody else.  You gotta trust your gut.

What differentiates you from Other Musicians?

I would like to think I'm unique, but at the same time very relatable - which helps when connecting to fans and audience.  It's important for me to have that element in both my music and performance.