Keishera James


Age: 36
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Singing: Change is Going to Come
Song By: Sam Cooke

Who would you say has most inspired you? 

I would say I am inspired most by soul music coming from Tina Turner - because of her perseverance throughout her career; Shade - because she is effortless, poised and classy; Adele - because every song is so beautiful and memorable;  Then there are Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone.  I just love them.  They are so different and have refused to conform to what society thinks is "beautiful". They own their blackness and natural beauty. Just simply amazing - and their writing is so real and revolutionary.

How long have you been performing? 

A little over 10 years. 

HOw did you get interested in Music?

Music is a form of therapy.  It was what kept me sane and gave me hope when I was going through a rough time.  It was how I found my "voice".  By just being Jamaican, the culture itself helps you to embrace music, because there were always stage shows where local & major artists performed - near by. 

What is the most fun thing you have ever done? 

Well back in 2014 I went camel riding in the desert in Dubai.  It was just breathtaking seeing the sunset in the desert, and being still - in the middle of nowhere.