Cameron Hart

Age: 25
Hometown:  New York, NY
Singing: No Diggity
Song By: Chet Fader

How did you get interested in MUsic?

Have been interested in music for as long as I could remember.  Started playing piano at the age of 6.

What kind of music to you enjoy best?   

I love soul music. It's the way it makes me feel that I have such an affinity towards it. 

What do you like best about New York?

I grew up in Manhattan.  I love how you have access to anything.

Tell us a story about yourself..

When I was 21 years old, I severed two tendons in my right hand. I had to have surgery and thought I wouldn't be able to play piano again.  It took a year of physical therapy and practice to be able to sit down at the piano.  I had to re-learn how to play.  It closed some doors but opened others.