Lisa Polizzi

Age: 39
Hometown:  Bellport, NY
Singing: Somebody to Love
Song By: Jefferson Airplane

What kind of music do you enjoy best?

Janis Joplin & Elvis Presley were my biggest influences.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

Got on the cover of “Goodtimes Magazine” & featured in “Live Magazine” & “Aces Magazine” within the first year of starting my band.

Why do you deserve to be the next "Star of the Day"? 

Because I want it and would be so appreciative of the opportunity and would be such an honor to say I performed on your show. 

Please tell us a story about yourself.

My mom became my biggest fan & brought me a karaoke machine when I was 14 and that really started my passion. Every day after school I would come home and sing for an hour.  It's the old story of being the outcast i school, not fitting in and being bullied.  I didn't have became my friend. My mom passed away about 4 years ago and in her hospital bed she told me to keep going - she will be watching.  3 weeks later I walked into my first open mic, got picked up by my first band, and I have been singing more than ever.  After fronting a few local bands, I am very happy to have my own band with the most awesome musicians.